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March 15, 2021

Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe is the European Union’s framework programme for research and innovation running from 2021 to 2027.

The EU’s new research and innovation framework programme will be allocated a budget of some €95.5 billion (in current prices) for 2021-2027.

This represents an increase of about 30% over Horizon 2020, making it the most ambitious research and innovation programme in the world. Future associated countries will also be contributing to this budget.

As was the case for Horizon 2020, Horizon Europe activities will be conducted through open and competitive calls for proposals.

Horizon Europe challenges:

Research and innovation is a top priority for the European Union.
This framework programme therefore translates the EU’s intention to maintain its edge in a fiercely competitive international marketplace and give greater visibility to cutting-edge research and innovation, attract the best and brightest talents—notably through competitive funding—and tackle current global challenges.

Horizon Europe’s main goals are to:

  • strengthen the EU’s science and technology base
  • boost the EU’s competitiveness, including that of its industry
  • accomplish the EU’s strategic policy priorities
  • help to tackle global challenges, such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The programme’s overriding goal is to anchor research and innovation more solidly in a context marked by social and European challenges.

Programme pillars:

The Horizon Europe programme is structured around the same pillar-based organization as Horizon 2020, which has been acknowledged as a real improvement over previous funding programmes. The key principle of excellence also continues to apply.

The Horizon Europe framework programme is thus built on four pillars:

  • Excellent science
  • Global challenges and European industrial competitiveness
  • Innovative Europe
  • Widening participation and strengthening the European Research Area (ERA).