April 14, 2021

Specific Horizon Europe issues

Open science practices

The Horizon Europe programme is continuing the effort engaged by Horizon 2020, focusing on open science and access to research results and data for all stakeholders concerned. Horizon 2020 succeeded in establishing an open access policy. Horizon Europe is set to go a step further, requiring immediate open access to publications and data, as well as to research data management plans. The goal of opening research in this way is to build an innovative, long-term scholarly communication ecosystem that will make research and innovation in the EU more efficient and competitive.

Specific missions

This novel approach will be applied to the Horizon Europe programme and will concern its second pillar in particular. The aim is to combine top-down definition of the programme’s main lines of action with bottom-up design of solutions to ensure a bigger impact on social issues. The emphasis will thus shift from analysis of individual projects to analysis of a portfolio of projects integrated within the same mission.

European Innovation Council

The European Innovation Council (EIC) aims to provide a strategic tool for supporting breakthrough, market-creating innovation in Europe, working with national and local bodies. It will be implemented notably through a new panel of more flexible instruments devoted specifically to this kind of activities: Pathfinder (via subsidies for breakthrough technology projects) and Accelerator (providing mixed EIC funding to support growth of start-ups).

Simplifying the administrative process

More broadly, the new post-2020 Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) also plans to simplify the administrative process both for beneficiaries and management authorities, to set clearer goals and to achieve a sharper focus on performance and evaluation of funded European policies.

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